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Job market and prospects

The Department of Biomechatronic Engineering

Features and Objectives

Originated from the Department of Agricultural Machinery Engineering, the Department undertook the transformation to reorient itself to reflect trends in biotechnology of this new millennium. Currently two- and four-year programs leading to a BS are offered. A MS program is scheduled starting from the year 2005. As the Department recognizes the importance of integrating the knowledge and principles of mechanical, electrical/electronic, computer and information engineering with the biological systems and technologies, we offer an interdisciplinary curriculum that teaches students the application and integration of engineering and biological knowledge and technologies.
Our educational objectives are:
  1. To teach fundamental knowledge in biological science and engineering and principles and technologies to solve practical problems.
  2. To develop students' skills for solving engineering problems in biological systems through the use of appropriate analysis, synthesis, and engineering design techniques.
  3. To prepare students for entry into engineering practice or graduate education, as well as engagement in life-long learning.

After Graduation

Our graduates can pursue graduate studies either in bio-oriented programs such as Biomechatronic engineering, Bio-/Biomedical engineering, Biotechnology; or in engineering oriented ones like Agricultural and biological engineering, Mechanical engineering, Electrical/Electronic engineering, Computer science/ engineering, etc. They can also seek employment in the related industries or R&D institutes, too.

Department Outlook

Since Taiwan entered WTO in 2002, its agriculture industry has been making a transition from a traditional one into one that is more automated, refined, and more biotechnological. It will have to offer higher end products in the future. As NIU is located in an agricultural region in Taiwan, we strive to be the driving force behind this important transformation and to educate students to become first-rate biomechatronic engineers in this new brand of agriculture.
The Department also aspires to be the communicational mechanism functions to integrated/incorporated biological and engineering knowledge and technologies resources at the university, or in the local area. By doing so, the potential opportunities to develop new research areas for the school, or to attract biotechnology or biomedical industries into the local area can be created and realized.